Benefit & Pension Funds of Hospital & Health Care Employees, Philadelphia & VicinityBenefit & Pension Funds of Hospital & Health Care Employees, Philadelphia & Vicinity

Benefit Fund at a Glance – August 2019

Your oral health matters more than you think. The mouth-body connection plays a big role in your overall well-being. Recipe of the month: Rainbow Chicken w/Spicy Pesto Sauce!

Benefit Fund at a Glance – July 2019

Both the Quest Bloodwork and Aetna Health Assessment must be completed by October 31, 2019, or you will begin paying a 12-month health and welfare contribution surcharge as of MARCH 1, 2020. Details on page 3.

Benefit Fund at a Glance – June 2019

Men’s Health Month—Healthy Reminders: Heart Disease & High Blood Pressure; Type 2 Diabetes; Colorectal Cancer; Prostate Health; STDs…

Benefit Fund at a Glance – May 2019

2019 Annual Biometrics Program opens up on June 1st! Program information will be mailed to your house at the end of May. Details will be posted soon.

Benefit Fund at a Glance – April 2019

Spring is Here—Get moving! Your body is meant to move. By moving more, you can get big benefits — like a healthier heart and weight. The hardest parts? Starting. And
sticking with it. There’s several types of fitness…

Benefit Fund at a Glance – March 2019

Healthy Eating Basics – Focus on whole fruits, eat a variety of vegetables, choose whole grain, choose low-fat, eat a variety of proteins.

Benefit Fund at a Glance – February 2019

Bye-Bye, Couch Potato! If the winter weather prevents you from getting outside, don’t just reach for the remote. Make your time inside count. There are many ways to get physical activity indoors—no gym required. Hand weights or resistance bands are a great addition, but not necessary. You can also wear a heavy backpack to add intensity to your workout.

Benefit Fund at a Glance – January 2019

Realistic resolutions, really great year! You’ve got this. Ready to be your healthiest, happiest you? Just skip the long list of resolutions and go for a few realistic ones that stick. So you’ll shine, not stress.

Benefit Fund at a Glance – December 2018

Don’t share your cold this holiday season! December is a busy time for most people. Between the rush of the holidays, the end-of-the-year excitement, it’s easy to become run down and exhausted—perfect conditions for illness to take hold. When your system is run down, it’s extra important to stay healthy by avoiding germs, and the best way to do that is by washing your hands.

Benefit Fund at a Glance – November 2018

10 Steps to staying healthy this Holiday season.

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