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Your journey to health and wellness starts here!

This July, we are kicking off another year of the Health Risk Assessment and Biometrics Screening program!
As a reminder, here’s what you need to know:

Complete your Health Risk Assessment

Achieve your health and well-being goals in a way that is simple, easy, and fun with personalized well-being tools from Independence Blue Cross.
To get started, complete your Health Risk Assessment online! Here’s how:
1. Register or log in at ibx.com.
2. Select Complete my Well-being Profile from the Health & Well-being menu at the top.
3. Answer all questions from each assessment to complete your Well-being Profile and earn your first badge.
4. Develop an action plan and choose programs and challenges that align with your goals.

(Note: See enclosed step-by-step guide below to walk you through your Health Risk Assessment.)

Schedule a Biometrics Screening

There are two ways to get your Biometrics Screening:

– Bring the enclosed LabCorp voucher with you to any LabCorp location. Find a LabCorp near you at:

– Join us at the 1199C Fund Office
on July 21, 2023 or September 22, 2023 or October 27, 2023
Schedule your onsite appointment at:

Choose your PCP

Your PCP, or primary care physician, is the doctor who will treat your health concerns, provide preventive care,
and refer you to specialists when needed. Use our Find a Doctor tool at ibx.com to search by specialty, location,
distance, and more.

Select or change your PCP online or by phone
1. Register or log in at ibx.com.
2. Select Choose a Primary Care Physician from the My Care menu at the top.
3. Click on the button under Primary Care Physician and use the search tool to choose a PCP.
4. Apply additional filters as needed to improve your search.

Call 800-ASK-BLUE (TTY: 711) and a Customer Service representative can help you select a PCP.

Questions? Call Benefit Fund member services at
215-735-5720 or toll-free at 800-531-1199.

Step-By-Step Health Risk Assessment



Download Benefits Guide