As a retiree from District 1199C, you are not required to pay dues. However, your dues help to defray some of the costs related to the Retiree Division, such as refreshments at the monthly meetings, the Thanksgiving meal provided in November, the Holiday Party in December, and other costs. Dues for retirees are $2.00 per month, payable monthly or one payment of $24.00 per year.

Your dues keep you in good standing. Some of the Retiree Division activities are open only to members in good standing. If you’re not paying dues, you’re not in good standing. And if your dues are delinquent, you’re not in good standing.

To pay your dues, send a check or money order (or come in person) to:

District 1199C Dues Department
1319 Locust Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107-5405

If you have questions about your dues, call (215) 735-1300 and ask for the Dues Department.

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