We offer our eligible members a comprehensive Health and Welfare benefits program, which includes medical, prescription drug and dental coverage and short-term disability benefits.

Eligibility for Benefits

Generally, you are eligible for the benefits described in the Summary of Benefits (below) if you are a Wage Class I, II, or III member working for a participating employer who makes contributions to the Fund as the result of a collective bargaining agreement. Click here for a list of participating employers.

About Employer Contributions

These employer contributions, made according to the terms of applicable collective bargaining agreements, are used to pay:

  • Fund-provided benefits,
  • insurance plan premiums, and
  • administrative fees for self-insured benefit plans.

(Please note: Member dues paid to District 1199C are not used to provide member H&W benefits.)

About Union Dues

Member paid union dues are not used to Fund any 1199C benefits. Union dues are used strictly to pay for the functioning of the union and covers associated expenses for such things as salaries, maintenance of union offices, utilities, and recruiting efforts among other things. Click here to learn more about Union Dues.

Plan Brochures & Highlights