If you die, here’s what your dependent(s) or Beneficiary(ies) should know and do

Medical/Death/Vision – Your coverage ends with your death. Your dependents will remain eligible for 30 days after your death. However, if any dependent is hospitalized when you die, his or her coverage will continue until he or she is released from the hospital, even if the hospital stay exceeds the 30-day limit. Your dependents will be entitled to continue coverage through COBRA at their own expense.

Deadlines apply for continuation of health care benefits. If your dependent(s) miss the deadline for returning their applications, they will lose the opportunity to continue coverage.

Death/Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Coverage – Your life insurance benefits will be paid to your Beneficiary on file with the fund office. If applicable, AD&D benefits may be payable to your beneficiary on file with the fund office.

Disability Insurance – Coverage ends.

Pension Plans – Your spouse and/or beneficiary (ies) may be entitled to benefits under the pension plan. Your beneficiary (ies) will receive a letter from the Pension Fund office which will detail any steps which need to be taken in order for benefits to be paid.

Address/Personal Information – Your dependents may need to keep the Benefit Fund advised of their address.

What Your Dependents Should Do

Your dependent and/or beneficiary (ies) should contact the Benefit Fund office to notify them of your death as soon as possible. The Fund staff will send a letter that will detail steps, which need to be taken. Your family will need to provide a certified death certificate before any survivor benefits will be paid.

How to Make Changes

To change your beneficiary designations, download, complete and return the following form to the Benefit Fund office.


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