When your employment ends, hospital, medical, dental and prescription drug benefit coverage for you and your dependents will end at midnight on the 30th day after your last day of employment.  However, if you immediately qualify for and receive state unemployment compensation,  this benefit coverage could continue up to a maximum of 26 weeks.

Disability benefit coverage ends immediately following your last day of employment, unless you are employed by a New Jersey employer. In that case, you will be eligible for Private Plan disability benefits if you become disabled within the first 14 days after your employment ends. (Note: Medical treatment for the disability must begin within 30 days of your last day of active employment to qualify.)

Here are additional facts about your benefits coverage.

Medical/Dental/Vision – When coverage ends, you and your dependents may be entitled to buy continued coverage for a limited time through COBRA. You pay the full cost of this extended coverage.

Death/Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Coverage – Your coverage ends (except as explained above).

Important Deadlines

Deadlines apply for the continuation of health care and death/AD&D coverage. If you miss the deadline for returning your application(s), you will lose the opportunity to continue coverage.

Pension Plan – If you have completed at least 5 years of service, you may be eligible to receive a benefit. Contact the Fund office for detailed information about your options under this plan.

Address/Personal Information – Be sure that the Fund office has your correct address.

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