This web page applies to members who are working for New Jersey employers. Members who work at Lakewood or Voorhees are eligible only if they are a licensed practical nurse, a graduate practical nurse, a graduate nurse, or a registered nurse. If you work for a non-New Jersey employer, see “Disability.”

The Benefit Fund helps provide financial security for its Members working at New Jersey employers through a Short-term disability plan that is similar to the New Jersey Temporary Disability Income plan. (Click here <link to NJ participating employers list>  for a list of contributing New Jersey employers.) To qualify, you must:

  • Be employed by a participating New Jersey employer <link to NJ participating employers list> who makes contributions to the Fund as the result of a collective bargaining agreement, and
  • Be employed for the number of days required under your Collective Bargaining Agreement and be working more than 1/5 of the work week, and
  • Have at least one week in which your earnings equal or exceed the “Base Week” earnings requirements.

If you qualify, Private Plan disability benefits will continue for up to 26 weeks for any one period of disability, as long as you remain disabled.

How Your Other Benefits Are Affected

Hospital, medical, dental, prescription drug, and death benefits (as applicable) will continue for the length of time that you receive disability payments – up to 26 weeks.


Note: If you are injured at work and qualify for Workers Compensation benefits, you must supply proof of receipt of Workers Compensation benefits on a monthly basis.  If you are injured in an auto accident, and are receiving benefits for lost wages from your auto insurance, you must supply proof of payment for lost wages from auto insurance.

Benefits will not be extended for more than 26 weeks in any 12-month period for all extended coverage periods combined unless you are covered by Private Plan New Jersey Temporary Disability Income benefits and a second disability occurs during the covered period.

Pension Plan – Your participation continues until you recover or until you have received 26 weeks of extended benefit coverage, whichever occurs first. You may be eligible to receive a pension benefit from the Fund if:

  • You are permanently disabled and
  • You have completed 10 years of service and
  • You qualify for a Social Security disability pension.

Contact the Benefit Fund office for more detailed information.

Address/Personal Information – Be sure to update your address and personal information, including beneficiary designation, to reflect any changes.

What You Need To Do

Call the Benefit Fund office at 215-735-5720 or 1-800-531-1199 as soon as practicable after you become disabled.

The Fund will send you a claim form to be completed by you and your attending physician.

The completed form must be returned to the Benefit Fund within 30 days after the disability begins.

The Fund has the right to require that the Member be examined as often as a week while the claim is pending.

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